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Runaways Logo

Logo Design: Marvel's Runaways This is a logo I designed for Marvel's Runaways. It is a series that is currently on Hulu.

Black Panther Icon

Logo Design: Black Panther Movie Icon This is an icon I designed for Marvel's Black Panther Movie. It was included in the style guide and you can find merchandise featuring it on Cafepress.com and other sites that sell Marvel licensed products.


Patrick McGrath is currently the Senior Designer & Brand Logo Creative Development Manager at Marvel Entertainment where he oversees logo development for Marvel’s brands, sub-brands, products and characters for use in licensing, multi-media, television series, consumer products, marketing, video games, publishing projects, and character design. He has over 18 years of experience working on some of the most recognizable brands in the world including Spider-Man and The Avengers. He has done concept development and been the lead designer on most of Marvel’s major publishing events and has designed hundreds of hardcover books, trade paperbacks, graphic novels, monthly comics, and other periodicals.