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Fantastic Four Logo

Logo Design – Marvel's Fantastic Four Relaunch Logo: For this project, I needed to create a logo that was recognizable to the older fans but also brought something new.

Runaways Logo

Logo Design: Marvel's Runaways This is a logo I designed for Marvel's Runaways. It is a series that is currently on Hulu.

Black Panther Icon

Logo Design: Marvel's Black Panther Movie Icon This is an icon I designed for Marvel's Black Panther Movie. It was included in the style guide and you can find merchandise featuring it on Cafepress.com and other sites that sell Marvel licensed products.


Patrick McGrath is the Senior Designer & Brand Logo Creative Development Manager at Marvel Entertainment with over 18 years of experience working with some of the most recognizable brands in the world. During his time at Marvel, he has demonstrated proficiency in many areas of design including art direction, logo design, brand development, style guide management, book design and also managed the Global Creative Services internship program. After his first job, a continued interest in web design has led to a working knowledge of web content management systems, HTML, and CSS. He has expertise in Adobe CS and has an aptitude for design software in general. He is probably a better illustrator than he gives himself credit for and is also the author of this paragraph. Patrick currently lives in Queens and loves science-fiction, nature tv shows and his fiancé, Emily. While he knows the Knicks will never win a championship in his lifetime, he did see the Mets win once, so he knows it’s remotely possible to happen again.